June 12, 2017

Spuds Music Monday #3: Bandoutfits and Partytime

Time for some more music news ( because we’re a band and all.. ), since last week was
about our sound and light tech.

But first things first, ever wondered where our awesome bandoutfits come from?
Our bandoutfits are made by Wilmy of Pagan ways. Go check out her shop, she’s present on most of the fantasy-festivals, and she’s amazing!

Back to the music! It’s gonna be hot the next couple of days, so there is no excuse not to come to the indoor Solution beach party in Hillegom this Saturday,
where we will play together with The Albert Mooneys. Let’s cool down with a beer ( or eight ), and some kickass music. Check out the event here

See you there!

June 5, 2017

Spud Music Monday #2: Behind the scenes

We started last week with the very first Spud Music Monday, where we announced our cooperation with Friendly Folk Records.

Today it’s time for Spud Music Monday #2: Behind the scenes – Sound & Light

It’s time to spotlight the guys behind the scenes who makes our show turn out great every time ( and we don’t mean the bartender, although we always value those guys )
We are, of course, talking about our sound and light technicians.
You don’t often see them, but they deserve a compliment.

First of all we have Loek Deen. He’s the guy in charge of drinking our beer.. We mean mixing our sound.
Next to being a musician himself ( guitar and bass player and vocalist) in the bands Alek Dronik and Kayamata. He always joins our party and we like it!

Next we have Robbert Hees, our amazing light tech. He normally works at Podium the Vorstin, and Fort33, but also joins us at the bigger shows.
He is an amazing light tech, knows how to work with our music and, maybe even more important, is a great guy who fits our crazy group.


(lights by Robbert, photo by Marielle photography)

Upcoming shows

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Middeleeuws Winschoten
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