October 22, 2019

Something Dolmen this way comes…

In the past few years we’ve played a few festival shows together with our friends from The Dolmen. Today we’re excited to announce we’re teaming up for a crazy night at Bibelot! We’ll be playing as support act to warm you guys up so you can be knocked down again right after!

Check our calendar below for the show’s date and a link to get yourself some tickets!

May 4, 2019

A big THANK YOU to our listeners on Spotify

In the last couple of weeks we went from the occasional double-digit number of Spotify streams each day to an eyewatering average of over 14. Friggin’. Thousand streams per month! Mind you.. We’ve not become “famous” overnight but we want to take the oppurtunity to thank everyone for tuning in to our music and adding it to their playlists!

To celebrate our first step towards the magical -cue drumroll- ONE MILLION streams (which is a loooooong way off, but still…) we’ve created our very own playlist for you to follow and share! So go ahead and crank this puppy until the neighbours come knocking! And then offer them a pint! Cheers!


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