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Our new single is here!

March 5, 2018

It has taken a while to get to record and release something new but we proudly present our new original track “A Man”! It’s something a little different than what you may know from us so we’d love to know your opinions! As always the mixing and mastering was done by our very own Robin Janssens and the artwork has been created by our very talented bass player Dave Schrijvers!

Give the song a listen HERE on a streaming platform of your choice and let us know what you think! We’re working on more new material to bring to you in the near future so this is just a taste of things to come!

We’ve been nominated at the Bastaard Fantasy Awards!

February 13, 2018

Yes, you’ve read that correctly! Bastaard has nominated us for an award! We’re competing for the position of “Best Live Act in Holland and Belgium” so we’re keeping all available extremities crossed! If you think we should win you can cast your vote for us HERE!

The award ceremony will be held at March 3rd at the QBus in Leiden. We won’t be performing ourselves but we’ll be there to cheer on all the winners!

gothic fantasy beurs

We’ve been busy!

October 17, 2017

We have been quite busy over the last few months. We’ve had a summer full of festivals but after that we still had some awesome shows on our schedule. We’ve uploaded a bunch of great pictures from our awesome gigs in Leiden and Rijswijk! Also: we recently celebrated fact that our lead singer managed to stay alive yet another year!

Even though it’s already a few weeks ago we remember our gig at ‘t Leids Ontzet ( also known as 3 Oktober ) like it was yesterday. Our “home” city of Leiden celebrates the anniversary of the liberation from the Spanish army that day. It’s a great excuse to drink (a lot of) beer and have a great time. And what better way than playing outside on a nice stage in front of ‘t Stadsbrouwhuis! And what a party it was! We want to thank everybody there for the amazing time we’ve had playing ( and not drowning in the canal while we’re at it). For an impression of the gig check our newest photoalbum here!

Maarten v Vliet

Two weeks after that we celebrated the birthday of our amazing frontman Maarten van Vliet. ( Hooray! ) This brings us to last weekend, where we were invited back to the marvellous indoor festival “The Gothic & Fantasy Beurs”. It was amazing to play at that stage again for you guys!

If you missed the gig, check a few of our songs below which was live streamed by the amazing crew of Celtcast! ( video in link below).


Royal Spuds dressing room

Hungry for more? We also added some cool photos for you to enjoy!

Friendly Folk launch tour

Friendly Folk launch tour!

We recently became a part of Friendly Folk Records! Needless to say we’re very proud of that! To celebrate the occasion we’re happy to announce the official Friendly Folk Launch Tour! The kickoff will be on the 4th of November in Utrecht alongside some of our folky buddies! The dates and locations for the following gigs will be announced Soon(tm) so keep your eyes peeled! 

Join us for a fun filled night together with our friends from LQR! There are more bands playing but we’re keeping those a secret until next week! Check  the Friendly folk event page to find out! Pre-sale tickets (available here) are €12. Tickets at the door will be €15.

We also want to congratulate Frienly Folk Records for hitting the 200 likes on facebook! If you don’t think 200 likes is enough, like the page here!

We are looking forward to this party and hope to see you at the stage!

Spuds Music Monday #4: 8-bit Mayem!

July 3, 2017

To celebrate being five years old as a band, we want to do something retro: Royal Spuds 8 BIT! How cool is that?

But first things first. We promised to announce the winners of the tickets for fantasiafest, which we will do later
this week, so hold on for a couple of days. If you have no idea what we are talking about, visit our contest. You have still time to enter the contest!

Back to 8-bit, because we are also getting old…nope that’s not it…just because its awesome! Enjoy our next song, a good way to prepare for the next party.

How about our song Wanted? Wanna buy a Nintendo already? download

Check out this 8Bit party, our song Silver Linings download

Or our brand new song: Too old for this, which we will play live (and not 8-bit ) for the first time on Fantasiafest! download

And last but not least: Two More Pints, a perfect way to end every party!download


Spuds Music Monday #4: Win Tickets!

June 26, 2017

Tis that time of the week again: Spud Music Monday! This week we’d like to remind you of the competition we’re having.
2017 is our fifth year of being. And because are always there for us, we want to give something back. 2017 is also our sixth year playing at the awesome Fantasia Fest and for that special occasion we’ve been given 5 x 2 weekend tickets to give away!

For more information about the contest visit our facebook event

Since we can’t enter our celebration with only old songs, we are quite busy writing new stuff, and our headerphoto is not one of those songs! Well.. we don’t want to give away new stuff too soon.. We may post a preview next week, but for now: do you know which song it is in the header? Post your answer in in the event above and enter our contest strong!

We’re picking winners for our contest next week, so hurry up and tell us a cool story!


Spuds Music Monday #3: Bandoutfits and Partytime

June 12, 2017

Time for some more music news ( because we’re a band and all.. ), since last week was
about our sound and light tech.

But first things first, ever wondered where our awesome bandoutfits come from?
Our bandoutfits are made by Wilmy of Pagan ways. Go check out her shop, she’s present on most of the fantasy-festivals, and she’s amazing!

Back to the music! It’s gonna be hot the next couple of days, so there is no excuse not to come to the indoor Solution beach party in Hillegom this Saturday,
where we will play together with The Albert Mooneys. Let’s cool down with a beer ( or eight ), and some kickass music. Check out the event here

See you there!


Spud Music Monday #2: Behind the scenes

June 5, 2017

We started last week with the very first Spud Music Monday, where we announced our cooperation with Friendly Folk Records.

Today it’s time for Spud Music Monday #2: Behind the scenes – Sound & Light

It’s time to spotlight the guys behind the scenes who makes our show turn out great every time ( and we don’t mean the bartender, although we always value those guys )
We are, of course, talking about our sound and light technicians.
You don’t often see them, but they deserve a compliment.

First of all we have Loek Deen. He’s the guy in charge of drinking our beer.. We mean mixing our sound.
Next to being a musician himself ( guitar and bass player and vocalist) in the bands Alek Dronik and Kayamata. He always joins our party and we like it!

Next we have Robbert Hees, our amazing light tech. He normally works at Podium the Vorstin, and Fort33, but also joins us at the bigger shows.
He is an amazing light tech, knows how to work with our music and, maybe even more important, is a great guy who fits our crazy group.


(lights by Robbert, photo by Marielle photography)

fantasiafest 2017

Back to where it all began..

May 31, 2017

Yes, friends! We’ve been asked once again to return to the place where we’ve played our very first gig and to which we have been returning every year since! FantasiaFest Leeft has been with us for so long it feels like returning home each and every year. 5 years ago the Royal Spuds where born, and since Fantasiafest is the place we started, we decided to celebrate our 5th birthday on Fantasiafest here!

To give you a nice warming up on how it all started, check this cute video!

We started out with a different bass player, and a guitarplayer less, but no worries, they joined within two months.
From here on.. well you know the story, lots of music, beer and parties!

To celebrate our birthday, we are giving away 5×2 weekend tickets to this badass festival! How can you win those tickets? Check out here: Facebook

friendly folk records

Spud Music Monday #1: Friendly Folk Records

May 29, 2017

Ladies and gentleman. We did it. We made it. We’re in! We got ourselves signed to a brand spankin’ new recordlabel!

Our very own manager-lady Kathy Keller started Friendly Folk Records, in collaboration with Indieplant, and we’re (one of) the first band(s) to sign up.


So, what does that mean for the band? Not that much for the time being. But when we release our next album (it’s coming, but don’t ask us when, we’re working hard, but not too hard) we get the full benefits of a global release and some extra perks!

We’ll keep you up-to-date. But in the meantime: have a pint. We’ll have two and we’ll see you at the bar! Also, don’t forget to check out Friendly Folk Records. There’s loads of cool stuff happening there!